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Pastoral support

The role of the school Pastoral Support Worker is to assist the headteacher in creating the right ‘climate’ for all pupils to maximise their achievements across the spectrum of school life and ensure their emotional and pastoral needs are met.

Key responsibilities include:

  • 1:1 tutoring/mentoring role to pupils.

  • A reference point for pupils who are referred by teaching and support staff – mentoring pupils as appropriate.

  • Follow up safeguarding issues in line with school policy and practice.

  • Provide support in lessons and identify causes/incident triggering pupil problems.

  • Meet with teaching and support staff regarding individual or small groups of pupils.

  • Attend conferences regarding pupil welfare and support e.g. Child in need, case conferences etc.

  • Attend pastorals meeting

  • Support students who have been isolated from their teaching group – e.g. supervision, collection of work, providing guidance with the task, ensure completed work is returned to staff.

  • Assist pupils with the organisation and completion of homework tasks e.g. running lunchtime/ breaktime clinics; checking diaries for particular children.

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