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Teaching Strategies

Pre-teach model: Those pupils who are working towards age related expectations are to be provided with a pre-teach session the day before or the morning of delivery of new subject matter. This will be delivered by support staff in a small group and no sooner than the afternoon prior to main teaching. This strategy should only apply to those children who demonstrate the aptitude to utilise this support and achieve age related (close to it) the next day.

Fix it time: Prior to the next session of learning pupils should be given fix-it time where they review their prior learning, read comments and improve as appropriate. This is also a chance to reflect in preparation for the next step. Fix-it time should occur just before next stage in learning or as early morning work on entry to class.

Core strategy: Learning to be pitched at the most able with further strategies for pupils cascading down to their level. Teachers to send pupils showing understanding away to complete learning, focus on pupils remaining with additional example. Once complete those secure can then be sent off to complete their independent learning. Those left are focus group and can be supported by Teacher/HLTA/LSA. Once set off on learning the teacher is to return to those most confident and extend their learning further.

Post-teach: For pupils who demonstrate an understanding of the learning objective and the capabilities of meeting age related expectations. This is additional time (plenary can be utilised) to allow children to consolidate a skill and apply to further examples so they can meet the learning objective. Pupils who benefit from post-teach are those who may need additional practise to aid memory retention or those who need to demonstrate the learning objective through another challenge or context.

Chipping Hill Classroom 3
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